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Worship Like A Celt 'BREATHE'

by Sammy Horner

Every gift that comes from God's design is free to every heart and mind not just to those who will believe it's there for anyone who breathes The soaking rain the burning sun it falls or shines on everyone to watch the mighty ocean seethe it's free to everyone who breathes For all are in His image made The potters hand has formed the clay The gift of life each one received from the beginning when He breathed
The grass that clothes the glorious Emerald Isle The beaches where we stop and talk a while Like heaven’s shore, like heaven’s shore The things to come we glimpse before New heaven and new earth in all it’s glory Where Caledonian lochs and rivers flow The mountains where the purple heather grows Like heaven’s home, like heaven’s home We get a glimpse of what’s to come
you are welcome here inside my home céad míle fáilte Welcome any place i roam céad míle fáilte welcome to all I can afford céad míle fáilte one hundred thousand welcomes Lord céad míle fáilte You'r welcome in the words I speak céad míle fáilte welcome if I'm strong or weak céad míle fáilte you're welcome in what's been restored céad míle fáilte A hundred thousand welcomes Lord You're welcome where I drink and dine céad míle fáilte Welcome in this heart of mine céad míle fáilte Welcome in each note and chord céad míle fáilte A hundred thousand welcomes Lord céad míle fáilte
You knew me from my mother’s womb And you knew me truly You loved me with father’s heart Oh how you loved me fully You are the way the truth the life I am a true believer And I will not trust the devils schemes For he is the bold deceiver And your promises are true and sure And you word is ever living And your kindness lasts from age to age For your heart is ever giving And you call each one to come to you Impart blessing to the recEIver And we will not trust the devils schemes For he is the bold deceiver Oh your judgements they are pure as gold And your goodness faileth never And your wisdom more than man can know And your love goes on forever Each man who wander you bring back Each woman you retrieve her We have victory over the devils schemes For he is the bold deceiver
I give thanks everyday for everything that you've given My family and my friends and and this life that `i am living I give thank everyday for every single blessing For every part of me that you are addressing Forging me my debts, so I forgive my debtors Your living word inspires more than a lovers letters
Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me For in truth I dwell within you And you dwell in me Father Son & Holy Spirit Blessed community Christ on my left Christ on my right Christ surround me Each day each night Your Spirit brings The Fathers love And Your grace to me Father Son & Holy SPIRIT Blessed community
All that I have all that I own All I've thought and all that i've known all i was and all I will be all my future all my history All my hopes and all my dreams all my silence all my screams all my work and all my play all my night and all my day All my worries all my fears all my joys and all my tears All my schemes and all my plans I put freely in your hands
thank you for the morning sun thank you for the moon at night thank you for another day another chance to get it right thank you for my best of friends thank you for the enemy showing me another way to live with love and dignity thank you for the sky above thank you for the birds that sing thank you for the earth below thank you Lord for everything Thank you for the gift of life thank you for the family thank for hopes and dreams and everything that's dear to me thank you for the rhyme and song thank you for there poetry thank you for the ears to hear thank you for the eyes that see thank you for the sky above thank you for the birds that sing thank you for the earth below thank you Lord for everything
In my darkness you are light in my weakness, you are might every day, every night in my blindness you are sight when I'm broken you repair in seclusion you are there Even when I'm unaware You promise you will always care For now I can only know in part But one day I will fully know your heart
Praise the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute, praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.


released February 2, 2020

Produced and recorded by Tony (The Psalmist) Silcock & Sammy Horner @ Bigfeet Studios Wexford Ireland and DUB-ious Studios,London UK

Sammy Horner Bass guitar / acoustic guitar & vocals
Tony Silcock Bass guitar and all digital magic.
Kylie Horner vocals
Josh Lory bass guitar
Jim Devlin electric guitars
Phil Holbert electric guitar
Tim Crahart electric guitar
Psalm 150 read in the Irish language by Harry O'Neill.

Art work by Mary Fleeson

CD Inlay and design Mark Fleeson

Sammy Horner uses Martin Guitars / Cole Clark Guitars and Szabadics Guitars


find us @ www.thesweetsorrows.com




Andy and Anne McConaghy
• Paula McGeough-Donaldson
Berni the Irish
Gordon McGregor
Ryan Shaddix
Anne Leditschke
Jeff & Jan McFall
Kelly Broxton

Thanks to every Kick Starter supporter and all of you who book us, support what we do, help keep music alive, feed us and look after us on the road…none of this would happen without the Clan. We are continually in you debt.

Special thanks to our longsuffering neighbours who endure endless noise as we record and mix albums…thank you for you love, patience and help Iulia & Maciej.
Exectutive Producers Neil & Fay McIntosh

I once asked my friend and occasional mentor Ray Simpson, “If the Celts were going to make music today, what kind would it be?’ He replied that they would be using the best and most modern tools available to them. So we have tried to mix up some traditional instruments with technology to breathe new life into an old tradition.

This album is dedicated to Dave and Mary Miller and their Clan….just breathe.


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