In God We Must Trust (A Protest Song)

by Sammy Horner / The Sweet Sorrows / The Electrics

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Jeff McLain
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Jeff McLain The first time I listened to this song, it brought tears to my eyes. It truly resonates with my ideals, values and thoughts. Thank you Sammy for hitting home, with this one. Few artists, since the 60's are able to accurately address the issues of today. There are times for stories and their are times for dirges.
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Niels Classic, beautiful, and I really love to listen to it. Also great lyrics, by the way!


I was asked to write a 60's style protest song for a Mennonite group in PA got my inner Dylan coming out..


In a world full of plenty we take no account for the price we are willing to pay,
Kids that slave day and night just for a dime, a life of all work and no play.
There's mountains of grain that the rats feed upon and houses with windows of wood,
While men sleep on streets in the frost of the night and kids go to bed with no food

You'll fight for your country, you'll fight for your rights You'll fight for you greed and your lust,
But you won't agree with your own dollar bill
'cause it says it's God we must trust.

You spend tens of millions on violence and war, destruction of all human kind,
But you'll close down the government on such things as care for our bodies and minds.
The headlines will talk about some football star or something that you might require,
Like a new music player to help you block out the sounds of the bombs and gunfire.

You'll stand for your money, you'll stand for your gold,
'till it's nothing but paper and rust,
but why won't you stand up and cry with one voice,
"It's only in God we must trust"?

well i'm not pretending that I know it all, I'm pretty sure I don't know much,
But someone once told us to be like a child for the kingdom of heaven is such;
and why is concern for your neighbours so hard, and love for your fellow man tough?
When the last man is standing with no one to hate
will the whole world agree' "that's enough"?

You'll stand for religion and philosphies 'till you're nothing but ashes and dust,
but you won't let your mouth utter one simple prayer, "It's only in God we must trust"!


released October 8, 2013



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Sammy Horner / The Sweet Sorrows / The Electrics Ireland

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