1. Out Of The Darkness

  2. Shepherds
    Sammy Horner

  3. Evie Versus The Dark. ( Audio Book)
    Sammy Horner

  4. We All Have To Row
    Sammy horner

  5. Finn And The Wild Goose Audio Book
    Sammy Horner

  6. Rev Sam & The Outcasts.

  7. Far Away Places.

  8. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
    Sammy Horner

  9. Lending A Hand (Charity Single For Trade Off )
    Trade Off 2020

  10. The Australian Sessions
    The Sweet Sorrows.

  11. Worship Like A Celt (an aid to contemplation and personal devotion.)
    Sammy Horner

  12. Celticana
    The Sweet Sorrows

  13. Worship Like A Celt 'BREATHE'
    Sammy Horner

  14. Back To Ireland
    The Sweet Sorrows

  15. Sir, I Must Protest
    Sammy Horner

  16. Can'ticles, Love songs for the not so perfect.
    The Sweet Sorrows

  17. The Norway Sessions....The Electrics
    The Electrics

  18. Christmas Here With You.
    The Sweet Sorrows

  19. New Stuff For Christmas

  20. It All Belongs
    The Sweet Sorrows

  21. 'Ouch' the EP

  22. Acoustic From Australia

  23. Trad & Tested

  24. Celtic Trad & Celtic Worship by Sammy & Kylie Horner
    Sammy & Kylie Horner

  25. The Electrics (best of)
    The Electrics

  26. Passengers with Rodney Cordner
    Sammy Horner & Rodney Cordner

  27. International Desert Songs

  28. Songs For The Sick And tired

  29. Inspired to Worship

  30. This Heart ( love songs)

  31. Acoustic Celtic Praise

  32. Irish Invasion
    The Electrics

  33. Bluegrass and Newgrass
    Sammy Horner & The Lasslo Brothers Band

  34. Celtic Praise Box Set

  35. Jigery Pokery
    Sammy Horner & The Electrics

  36. Reel, Folk n' Rock n' Roll
    The Electrics

  37. Ceilidh Electric: A Time To dance
    The Seanachaidh

  38. Big Silent World

  39. USA Radio Singles EP, The Electrics

  40. The Beatitudes (Kids album)

  41. The Whole Shebang
    The Electrics

  42. Danger! Live Electrics

  43. Living it up when I die
    The Electrics

  44. Visions And Dreams

  45. Tunes From The Darkside
    Dark Country

  46. Old, New , Borrowed & Green

  47. Songs From The Doghouse (Sammy Horner & Joe Quinn)

  48. Obey the makers instructions (kids album)

  49. Country Parables


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